After careful testing with the well-established online Canadian casinos that allow real money play, we have reviewed all of the features that are most important to players. Our findings will be revealed in four main sections featured below: Safety and Security, Speed of Payouts, Audited and Legal, and Expert Testing.

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Mobile Casino Safety and Security

Safety and Security is often the number one concern for new players to the online gaming world. Surely the uncertainty of playing for real money is going to be a concern, but our expert reviewers have made sure that the featured casino listings are as secure as possible. More importantly, the casinos themselves view this as a top priority to ensure the longevity of their business and the trust and enjoyment of their players. In breaking down the security features of each online casino, reviewers take into account the encryption methods, payment and deposit methods, security of banking information, as well as personal details for each player. Only the most secure and trusted casinos are featured on our website.

Speed of Payouts

When choosing which online casino to play from, it is important that players understand the payout manor and time frame in which winners will receive their winnings. Nothing is worse than winning big and having no idea how or when you will receive your earnings, that is why it is important to read and understand these details before making an initial deposit. With added security and international restrictions, some payout can take a bit of time depending on the method in which they are distributed. We ensure that our reviewers make real money deposits and cash out winning to give players the best understanding on the time frame they can expect. Higher rankings for this category indicate that the transaction was fast, simple, and secure.

Audited and Legal Mobile Casino

With differing laws around the world regarding online gambling, it is not uncommon to find a highly rated casino that is not supported in the country that a player is looking for. While this can be frustrating at times, our research has been broken down by country to provide the most up-to-date information and where players can participate in their specific country. This way, players will not waste their time researching an online casino they are excited about trying, only to find that it is not available for play in their area.

On top of that, researchers will rate the casino based upon how it plays to the player’s favor, rather than that of the casino. Some online casinos may offer high payouts, but at less regular intervals, while others will pay out often, but without some of the big value wins that lower payout percentage establishments may offer. As odds and payout percentages vary, our researchers take this into account to let potential players know where to play and what to expect when it comes to their odds of winning.

Expert Testing

While the arena of online gaming continues to grow, there are many players who are unfamiliar with the industry as a whole. Our reviewers are trusted and trained to keep an eye out for all of the details that a novice player may overlook. Our site offers some of the most reliable and helpful resources out there for the consultation of both new and seasoned online gaming veterans. Our reviewers are players themselves, making for some of the most reliable and experienced research available.

Our reviewers make sure customer service is one of the key factors in their reviews. With the hesitation that so many folks have regarding the security of online gaming, impeccable customer service is a must. Online players need to trust that they are going to have someone available to speak with immediately should anything go wrong in their gaming experience. For the most part, the majority of online casinos out there have monitored 24-hour player assistance should any issues arise.

Of course the reason that online casinos even exist is that players have the expectation of winning real money and of being paid their earnings without any difficulty or unexpected issues. A sure sign of a casino to avoid would be ones that have unreasonable stipulations and time frames for players to receive their money. One of the first steps before making a real money deposit online should be into the payout structure and terms associated with receiving any winnings. Fortunately, we have done a lot of this research for you. Certainly there are going to be exceptions for ever rule and the occasional technical glitch, but all of the casinos featured by our reviewers maintain a respectable and fair reputation.

Given the standards set forth by the online payment industry, players should not come across any casinos that are operating without license or proper security structures in place. It was not that long ago that people were terrified to make a purchase online due to security risks. What was once thought of as a risky proposition has become a daily routine without second thought. There is no benefit to an online casino to have lax security measures, in fact, the majority of the most popular online casinos out today are also some of the most secure. The most trusted sites get the most trusted players. Top notch security is beneficial for all parties involved.

With so many new games, features, and casinos popping up around the internet, a lot of the reviews offered on our site are from players who are seeing a game or casino for the first time. Many of our reviews incorporate some “first impressions” along with the security and payment features. There are often first deposit bonuses in many of the casinos online, not to mention progressive jackpots, and deposit options for all players to consider when sitting down to the world of online casinos.

New Player Casino Bonus

These “Welcome Bonuses” can be found at the majority of online casinos on the internet today, but they are not all the same. While most of the bonuses out there will match up to a certain amount, they are also good for first deposits only. Though recently, some casinos have broken this down into certain areas of gaming. Some may offer a first time bonus for a specific wager like a sports bet, poker tournament, or free spins in slot games. It really just depends on the casino. Our reviewers have noted and considered these bonuses, but they are often changing and updated on a regular basis. Higher bonus amounts equal higher ratings from our reviewers.

Casino Customer Service

Customer Service is a very critical part of the review process. Whether it be in person purchases, or online transactions, Customer Service must be impeccable when real money is involved. Given that players and sites can be in operation at any time from many places from around the world, it is almost mandatory that online casinos have 24 hour customer service available 7 days a week. There is nothing as nerve wracking as having an issue with your account or winnings and fearing there is nobody to speak with. The majority of the casinos that we review feature full time customer service to make sure there is a real person available to speak with no matter what the time or issue.

Mobile Casino Promotions

Promotions are similar to bonuses in that they reward players for playing in a certain casino. Many times promotions are centered around players trying a new type of gaming, or simply being rewarded for continued play in a specific game. For example, a big win in a slots game could earn a player a free entry into a poker tournament, but it could also win players additional free spins or entry to a slots tournament. The same goes in the idea that a big win in a sports book may lead players to a table games bonus or give them bonus winnings. Much like the first deposit payouts, these promotions are constantly changing and we keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest ways to earn some extra cash.

Juicy Jackpots

Who wouldn’t want the chance to win big money while playing their favorite games? Progressive Jackpots are the accumulation of some money from all players in a particular game going into a large jackpot. Of course, these totals are being updated by the minute and players can strike it rich at any time. We monitor the largest and most exciting progressive jackpots to keep our players up to date on the big prizes up for grabs.

Casino Security

Without the protection of player information, every online casino would already be out of business. The majority of online casinos operating today are just as secure as playing in a real live casino. All of the casinos that we have reviewed include the latest encryption and security software that is constantly monitored for updates and have special measure in place for an issues that may arise. We also ensure that all of these casinos are regulated, licensed, and legal for all Canadian players.

Mobile Casino Deposit Methods

After you have gone through our lists and discovered the casinos that fit what you are looking for the next step is to check out the different deposit methods that different casinos offer. Many of them will utilize similar deposit methods, but all may not work with your bank or area that you live. It is important to select a mobile casino deposit method that you are most comfortable with, and is the simplest for you to use. Often times payouts can be made through the same applications as deposits, making transactions simple and seamless. Our mobile casino reviews feature the most dependable and highest rated deposit methods that can fit a variety of customer preferences.

Truly Toronto: Canada’s Most Dynamic Metropolis

Sleek and modern with beautiful skyscrapers and even lots of healthy green spaces, Toronto, Canada is an unforgettable place to visit!

The bustling metropolis in the Ontario province boasts a population of some 2.6 million; there is so much to see and inhale there. One can instantly feel the city’s energy. Toronto is a very accessible city to residents and visitors alike. Streets are laid out in a grid including a very walkable downtown with one of the best public transit systems around. So, if you need to get somewhere in Toronto, the options are many. Plus, there are free visitors’ maps available at a lot of venues, like hotels and the new Tourist Information Centre, located on the west side of Union Station (65 Front Street West).

Some of the most popular Toronto sites to take a peek at, are these:

Harbourfront Centre
Ricoh Coliseum
Molson Amphitheatre
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Roger Centre
Air Canada Centre

Of course, the vibrant metropolis offers many fine restaurants, nightlife and fun venues to take in. There is always a quick jaunt to Niagara Falls, too. There are festivals put on every year such as the Niagara Falls Festival of Lights.

There is never a dull moment in Toronto, and when Lady Luck calls, amazing casinos dot the city, providing excitement and action to the area. From slots to horse racing to casino gaming, it’s all a blast!

Casino Rama is a famous one to check out on the outskirts of the city; 110 gaming tables and 2,500 slot machines provide constant entertainment. Whether it’s Blackjack or roulette and everything in between, Casino Rama never disappoints. It’s a beauty with 190 thousand square feet of game and entertainment space surrounded by luxury.

Close by in Niagara, visitors can also stop at Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino. It’s fun all around; Fallsview really takes the cake with its massive resort featuring one of the largest Casino gaming floors in the world- the equivalent of three football fields!

Fallsview is also proud of its poker venue, boasting the largest and most popular poker room in Ontario.

Online gambling in Canada is a bit different, however; it’s really a grey area, so to speak. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario regulates gaming laws in Toronto to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Canadian citizens will not face arrest by gambling online, but online gaming operators who are located within Canada’s borders are at risk of legal repercussions. So, online gaming operators can legally be based outside of Canada.

In Toronto, the legal gambling age is 19.

Ottowa- The Amazing and Beautiful Canadian Capital!

Ottowa is the amazing and beautiful capital of Canada. Ottawa is located in the South Eastern part of the country and it is a city right on the Ottowa river. Ottowa is located in Eastern part of Ontario down in the Southern part of the providence. Ottowa has a population just shy of one million people. Ottowa is known for it’s rich history and one of it’s main highlights is the Centre Block on Parliament Hill. Ottowa has become the most educated city in Canada and it leads in political and technological advances.

There are lots of things to do and to explore in Ottowa. If you are planning a trip to Ottowa, you are probably wondering which things to do and to see. There are a lot of arts and cultural events in Ottowa. There are some suburb museums. One of the most popular museums is the National Gallery of Canada. Also, the Canadian Museum of History is the most visited museum in all of Canada. The Ottowa Little Theatre is the oldest and longest running theatre in Ottowa. Another fun fact about Ottowa, is that Ottowa is home to 130 embassies.

There are a lot of options to choose from in the Entertainment category in Ottowa. Maybe you want to see a professional sport. There are four professional sports teams in Ottowa. There are professional sports teams for Hockey, baseball, football, and soccer. Of course, while you are in Ottowa you should consider seeing a hockey game! There’s no better way to celebrate like a true Canadian than to go see a hockey game. The Ottowa Senators are part of the National Hockey League and seeing a game will never disappoint!

Another one of Ottowa’s entrainment highlights is gambling! There are a lot of great casinos in Ottowa. The Casino du Lac-Leamy is located just ten minutes from downtown and Parliament Hall. The Casino de Lac-Leamy has over 1,800 slot machines and has all of the games you are looking for! Have a fun night out on the town with your friends. You can also try the OLG Slots at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. The OLG Slots has over 12,000 machines for slot playing, along with 40,000 square feet of premiere gaming. Gambling is legal in Ottowa, but Ottowa wants to keep gaming honest and legal, so remember the casinos and gaming areas are for ages 19 and older.

There’s a little something for everyone in Ottowa. Planning out your trip to Ottowa is part of the fun of visiting Ottowa! With so much to see and to do, you will be entertained and Ottowa won’t let you down! Have a great adventure in Ottowa!

Montreal: What’s Inside Canada’s Second Largest City
Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, was founded in 1642 and is a beautiful place whose historic architecture, narrow lanes, huge historic churches, beautiful cobblestone streets and small houses will bring you back centuries and remind you of the early settlers. There are many historic building that will take you back to the 19th century from the inside out. Some buildings, such as Sir George Sen Cassia’s former residence, is filled with captivating 19th century furniture and absolutely stunning decor. This city is full of history, unique historic sites and is simply a wonderful site to see and trip well worth taking.

Montreal is gorgeous island city located 1,600 kilometres from sea. Montreal’s inner borders are lined with waterways that lead to the ocean. You can take a refreshing walk along the waters edge or the pleasure boat, Bateau-Mouche, can take you for a peaceful memorable ride down the Saint Lawrence River full of nice views of beautiful scenery, historical buildings and modernized masterpieces.

Aside from some magnificent pieces of history, you’ll see modern gleaming sky scrapers, art galleries, museums full of interesting historical information and artifacts decades old and plenty of fun activities and attractions within the city to enjoy during your stay.

Montreal is best known for it’s numerous popular yearly festivals. The city’s most famous festival would undoubtedly have to be their jazz festival, International de Jazz de Montréal, where hundreds of different jazz shows take place downtown. Another popular festival arising recently is their MURAL festival during Summer. This festival is filled with music and centered around urban art.

Montreal is also well known for their downtown cafes’ wonderful food and the city’s lovely views. A main attraction in Montreal that attracts many visitors each year is their huge Underground City that consists of many interesting underground tunnels.

During Winter months, Montreal still remains just as entertaining by having various fun Winter activities as well. Écorécréo is a place that provides visitors with many fun activities to do in the snow such as ski lessons, dog sled lessons, etc.

When it comes to gambling, the big city of Montreal’s future in gambling looks bright and promising. The Montreal Casino, located on Notre Dame Island, is the largest casino in Canada. The Montreal Casino officially opened in 1993 and continues to thrive. It’s open 24 hours every day and consists of several bars and restaurants, 115 gaming tables, 3200 slot machines and much more. This popular casino is made up of connected building and has impressive design with it’s many windows and low ceilings.

Online gambling is legal in Montreal but is regulated carefully and only legal for those 19+ of age. Canada rarely taxes earnings from gambling and online gambling brings an enjoyable convenience to many. Gamblers can get convenience from an online casino because they can choose from a very broad variety of games straight from their computer and, with online gambling, the game options are always already conveniently available and ready to start when you are. There is no waiting.

Ontario, Canada

Canada is a country comprised of ten provinces, and if visitors have time to visit only one of them, they might do well to consider Ontario. Canada’s most heavily populated province, it’s also the province that arguably “has it all”. For Ontario not only boasts the country’s largest city and national capital, but a dazzling combination of majestic forests and open spaces, including a jaw dropping 250,000 lakes that contain 1/3 of all of the freshwater on Earth. The results? An impressive offering of history, culture, national politics, beautiful natural resources, and a multitude of recreational opportunities, both indoors and outside. And let’s not forget the abundant nightlife that parts of this province can offer.

But in addition to being the province with the most people (roughly 13 million), Ontario is also Canada’s second largest province in terms of size, with 415,598 square miles or 1.08 million kilometers. So not everything to see and do here is located in one place. So where does one go for Ontario’s “best of the best”?

The province of Ontario is geographically divided into Northern Ontario (cold winters, small communities, vast forests) and Southern Ontario (warmer, more people, major manufacturing areas) which is parsed again into four areas which have a number of distinctive communities within them. There are 33 major airports located within the province, with ten of them located in and around Toronto. Ottawa also has a major international airport. Driving and rules of the road laws are very similar to those of the United States. Visitors from other countries bringing their own cars must bring their vehicle registration and a special proof of insurance card which they can obtain from their insurance agent.

Gambling is legal across Canada, although the various provinces determine what types of gambling they will permit within their borders. Ontario has the largest number of casinos within Canada. While offerings at the province’s 25 casinos vary, visitors will not have to travel out of the province to find card games, roulette wheels, slot machines, and horse racing. Four of the casinos are located within resort settings, with Land-O-Lakes Lodge and Castle Niagara among the better known ones. The only legal online gambling permitted by the Ontarian provincial government is a site they are still in the process of setting up. However, “private” online gambling in Ontario is largely ignored by the government, and there are many sites of this type within the province. International players at both land and online sites are not protected by provincial law, and players at both sites must be a minimum of 19 years old.

Famous Ontario attractions:

Niagara Falls boat tours in Niagara Falls
Canada’s Parliament and other government buildings in Ottawa
Rideau Canal, also in Ottawa
The Strafford Theatre Festival in Strafford
Algonquin Provincial Park in Algonquin Park
Toronto Urban Adventures in Toronto
Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is the largest city in the Alberta Canada province. It’s a very modern city that sees regular urban/metropolitan utility accommodations such as versatile traveling methods and large varieties of restaurants and indulgences. There are zoos, parks, sports venues, museums, and botanical gardens.

Calgary Specialties

The Calgary Zoo is one of the largest zoos available in Canada. It also often times ends up being the most visited zoo in Canada. They’re particularly known for their conservation efforts, and maintain efforts to care for and exhibit several nearly extinct Canadian animals. They exhibit animals from different habitats, with projects conforming to exhibit locations. These locations are African, Eurasian, Aquatic, and Canadian, with a prehistoric zoo section as well.

Fish Creek Park and Nose Hill Park are some of the largest urban parks in North America. They’re located directly in Calgary, and offer a retreat from the city for physical indulgence. Many wildlife species are often present, and is a haven from habitat destruction that has removed natural landscapes for animals to persevere.

Gambling Opportunities in Calgary

Calgary is extremely accommodating to gamblers both online and locally. There are a lot of Casinos that acclimate themselves to travelers that are looking for an inn to stay at if they’re visiting. These casinos specifically are the Deerfoot Inn & Casino, as well as the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino.

Some of the highest rated casinos in the area are Century Down Racetrack and Casino Calgary. Although, the Deerfoot Inn & Casino has held up to the most customer scrutiny. The remaining casinos here are Elbow River Casino, Cash Casino Place, and Stampede Casino. These competing casinos are all located conveniently inside the city of Calgary. Because they’re so easy to get to, this makes Calgary a surprisingly accessible city to enjoy gambling in.

There is, additionally, Casino Fun that facilitates individual casino party plannings with game service rentals. The games are advertised as non-gambling ones, and so individuals looking to participate in the game of gambling or that want to have fun and accommodate for minors can access their utilities.

The online gambling websites that hold up to the most client scrutiny while being legal in the area are Spin Palace and Jackpot City. Other accommodating websites that are available for online gambling are Ruby Fortune, Gaming Club, and Royal Vegas. These websites offer similar compensation bonuses and incentives most competitive sites provide, and similar VIP programs as well.

Calgary Offers Modern Utilities and Great Casino Options

Calgary ends up being a fantastic place to indulge in gambling and explore great natural environments that are conscientious and sensible. Calgary acclimates to your trip whether or not you are bringing minors. There’s a lot of activity and friendly accommodation in the Alberta Province.

British Columbia

Canada is full of beautiful views, exciting adventures, and thriving cities. This is especially true in the province of British Columbia. The borders of this province includes the Pacific Ocean, Yukon, Alberta, and Northwestern Territories. Four U.S. states also share a border with British Columbia. These include Alaska to the north, and Washington, Montana, and Idaho to the south.

British Columbia is home to several cities. It is also home to many national parks and forest preserves. It is a popular destination for many travelers, especially in the mild summer months. The Alaska Highway travels over 600 miles of this province, which also increases the number of visitors per year.

Vancouver is the largest city in the province, and one of the most popular travel destinations. There are many things to see and do in this vibrant city. The Stanley Park seawall, Granville Island Public Market, Grouse Mountain Skyride, and Capilano Suspension Bridge are among the most popular attractions. The city is also home to several restaurants, bars, and clubs to invite visitors to enjoy the nightlife. The city is also home to the Edgewater Casino.

The second largest city in the province of British Columbia is Victoria. Victoria is also the capital of the province and is located within the Inner Harbor area. The city boasts of many exciting adventures, both indoors and out. State of the art restaurants, museums, and entertainment venues can be found throughout the city. One popular destination is the View Royal Casino. The city also offers an array of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and world class fishing.

There are dozens of national parks and park reserves located throughout British Columbia, Canada. The Pacific Rim National Park and Glacier National Park are the two most well known. Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Mount Revelstoke National Park, and Yoho National Park are some of the other majestic parks that are also frequented by Canadians and travelers from around the world.

One of the most famous, and probably one of the top destination locations, is Whistler Blackcomb. Whistler Blackcomb is a world class ski resort that is located on the peaks of Whislter and Blackcomb mountains. The ski resort here has, in fact, been declared the number one ski resort on the entire North American continent. The Peak to Peak Gondola insures visitors, and residents, have easy access to the resort town and trails. There are many ski trails that are also used in the summer months for hiking and mountain biking. The resort also has a premiere gold course and a cultural center.

Gambling is also a favorite past time, both in person and online. In fact, Victoria and Vancouver are not the only place to find a casino in British Columbia. Rover Rock Casino is located in Richmond. Prince George is home to Treasure Cove Casino. The Casino of The Rockies is located in Cranbrook. The cities of Penticton, Kelowna, Lamloops, and Langley also have casinos for their residents and visitors to enjoy.


Vancouver is a coastal seaport city in Canada on the mainland. Vancouver is a beautiful place to visit with plenty of things to do. There is the Contemporary Art gallery, the Vancouver Art Gallery, formerly the Provincial Courthouse. With nearly 10,000 items on display, there is plenty to see. There are a significant number of works done by Emily Carr. There is also the Vancouver Maritime Museum, H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, the Vancouver Museum, which is the largest civic museum in Canada.

Additionally, there is the Anthropology Museum, which is the leading museum of Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations culture. There is also a diverse collection of public art across the city. Are and museums are not the only thing to visit in Vancouver. There is also music and nightlights as well as dining and parks and other recreation. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Vancouver Opera.

There is also the Vancouver International Jazz Festival which is held every summer. With more than 1000 volunteers which help produce the event, this is the largest festival in British Columbia. Performances are held at parks, community centres, clubs, public plazas, concert halls, and in streets of different neighborhoods.

There are over 400 different performances which include 130 free concerts. This festival draws crowds of 460,000 people each year. Whether it is food, dining, bars or nightclubs, Vancouver has a vibrant nightlife scene for all types of people. The majority of the the bars and nightclubs and other venues can be found in Vancouver’s Granville Entertainment District. At night the streets are filled with crowds of people. With all of these things to see and do, how does one get from one place to another? Rapid transit, buses, seabus, and the West Coast Express are some of the major transportation methods used in Vancouver. There are many modernized modes of transportation in Vancouver, however unlike the most major metropolises, Vancouver does not have any freeways into or through the downtown area.

Back in the 1960’s, a freeway was proposed, but a coalition of community leaders, planners, and citizens rejected the idea which signaled an emergence for the new urban landscape.Vancouver even has an automated Skytrain which is the largest in North America and second largest in the world. With the mild climate and close proximity to the ocean, mountains rivers and lakes; Vancouver is a great destination for outdoor activities too. There are over 1,298 hectares (3,210 acres) of parks in Vancouver. The largest park is 404 hectares (1,000 acres)which is known as Stanley Park. Addition to parks, there are also beaches and hiking trails. There are several sports stadiums as well for games such as; football, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. In fact, Metro Vancouver hosted the World Police and Fire Games at Swangard Stadium in 2009 and in the neighboring city of Burnby they hosted the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup. With all of these things to do here in Vancouver, one trip is not enough.

Alberta, Canada

Alberta is Canada’s fourth largest province, and one of two landlocked provinces. It is Canada’s leading crude oil and oil sands supplier. Alberta is home to over four million people across 255,500 square miles.

The vast landscape encompasses mountains, forests, prairies, badlands, lakes, and rivers. Some of the more notable examples of these environments include the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Alberta, the Boreal Forest which covers most of Alberta’s northern half, the Alberta Badlands in southeastern Alberta, Lake Athabasca which is the province’s largest lake, and Athabasca River which is the longest river. Alberta is home to over 500 parks protecting these and other landmarks. These parks, such as Elk Island National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park, Banff National Park, and Jasper National Park, are also popular tourist destinations.

Alberta’s highest-population cities are Edmonton and Calgary. Edmonton, also Alberta’s capital, is home to many popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. The River Valley Parks System in Edmonton boasts 22 major parks that include trails and campsites. Also found in Edmonton is the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest mall in North America and the tenth largest in the world. Edmonton, also known as “Canada’s Festival City,” sees many festivals every year, including the Edmonton Fringe Festival in August and the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November. Edmonton is also home to no less than seven casinos. The Northalnds Park Racetrack & Casino, in addition to being a top Western Canadian racetrack, is home of the Canadian Derby. The Baccarat Casino has Edmonton’s largest table game selection. Casino Yellowhead is Western Canada’s largest one-level casino. Other Edmonton casinos include Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort Casino, Century Casino, Casino Edmonton, and Palace Casino.

Calgary, Alberta’s highest-population city, is home to a diverse population. One area in Calgary is even known as “International Avenue.” This diversity helps attract tourists with multiple cultural venues, including the Chinatown district. Other attractions include the Calgary Zoo, which is non-profit and Canada’s second largest zoo, housing nearly 800 animals over 130 different species, the Glenbow Museum which is Western Canada’s largest art and history museum, the Canada Olympic Park which is home to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, and at least six casinos. Calgary’s casinos include Deerfoot Inn & Casino with a private poker room, Elbow River Casino with a 24-hour poker room, Grey Eagle Casino & Bingo, Century Casino Calgary, Cash Casino, and Cowboys Casino.

Outside of these cities, Alberta has many other casinos and gambling destinations, including Century Downs Racetrack & Casino in Balzac, Casino Lethbridge in Lethbridge, and Gold Dust Casino in St. Albert. Online gambling is also legal in Alberta, so residents and tourists anywhere in the province can gamble without traveling to land casinos.

These destinations and more continue to contribute to Alberta’s strong economy.