The Gaming Club Online casino has now become available for all Canadian players through their mobiles. This means that players will be able to enjoy their favorite casino games through their mobiles at any time without having to be at home in front of their computers. All what they need to make that happen is an internet connection and a compatible smartphone.

When it comes to the compatibility. Canadian players do not have to worry because Gaming Cub mobile casino did not want to leave anyone out, this is why the mobile casino is compatible with almost every smartphone device and tablet out there, this includes iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Androids, Windows phones and Blackberries among others.

Fun and Safety

Since Gaming Club Mobile casino is dedicated to the convenience of players, it provides them with the most friendly and enjoyable mobile gaming experience in a safe and a 100% secured environment that preserves the privacy of all of their financial and personal data. The mobile casino implements state of the art encryption and protection systems. This way, Canadian players can have complete peace of mind while they are providing any personal data and when they are handling their deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile Gaming Selection

Gaming Club chose the most popular casino games that are favored by millions of Canadian players and transformed them into mobile games that players can enjoy on the go. The casino has chosen one to two games from each gaming category so the mobile game offerings can cover all types of games.

In total, the gaming library on offer includes eleven mobile casino games. This includes many fruit machines like Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck as well as progressive fruit machines such as Mega Moolah and Major Millions. It also includes a roulette table, a blackjack game, Jacks or Better Video Poker and other games such as Bing Bonanza, Dragon Fortune and Royal Derby, the virtual horse racing game. All of the games are powered by Microgaming, which vouches for the games’ visuals, sound effects, high quality game play and their high payouts. They are also customized in order to work well with the touch function as well as small sized and large sized screens.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Canadian players are in for a surprise when they sign up at the mobile casino of Gaming Club. After they make the account and start placing the first real money deposit to start enjoying the mobile games, they will become immediately eligible to claim the welcome package that is dedicated for new Canadian players. This welcome package includes two match deposit bonuses that are spread on the initial two deposits. The first deposit will be matched 100% with a maximum of $200 while the second deposit made at the casino will be matched 150% with a maximum of $150.

Of course, the bonuses do not stop here, as there are many other regular promos that players can claim to earn bonus credits throughout their stay at the casino such as the loyalty program.

Information on the Gaming Club Casino

Most people know what an online casino is and the fact that these sites enable a person to play slots, Blackjack and a variety of other things from the comforts of home. One of the top online casinos out there would be the Gaming Club. This particular casino is not available in the United States but is instead available to many other countries around the world. It has been around for more than two decades and continues to grow as a company and casino each and every single day.

What Exactly is the Gaming Club?

The Gaming Club is a casino site and mobile app that has been around since 1994. It is one of the oldest online casinos to date and is also one of the largest and most popular. Since its birth in 1994, it has grown tremendously and has had millions of players and player accounts. Even though it is a relatively old casino when it comes to its Internet age, it is important to note that it is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the Gaming Club continually adds games and changes its look quite often to keep players coming back for more.

There are also many features that the Gaming Club offers that many other casinos out there do not. Between great sign-on bonuses and other types of programs available to players, it is easy to see why so many people are beginning to utilize this online casino for themselves. The Gaming Club is available to anyone because of its free membership to those interested. It has become a staple for many people who love online gaming and want to make the most out of the casino experience. Not everyone can live near to a local casino and this is why the Gaming Club is as popular as it is.

Programs that the Gaming Club Offers

There is a sign-on bonus available to those who are just making their first account. When you utilize the sign-on bonus, this means that the Gaming Club will match anything that you put into on your account. This program is only available to those who make a real money account and play for real cash, so this is something to consider if you are thinking of playing to win. The sign-on bonus has kept people coming back to the Gaming Club because of the fact that it enables players to win even more money than they thought possible.

Also, the Gaming Club offers a loyalty program for those who are long-time players and use the site routinely. This loyalty program basically allows you to gain points that can then be converted into actual cash once your account has reached enough points. The fact that these loyalty rewards are available to any and all players makes this casino a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to win big and get the most out of the whole experience while using the site or mobile app.

The Many Games Available on the Gaming Club

The Gaming Club has been around since 1994, so you can imagine the amount of great quality games that have been added to the site since that time. As of right now, the Gaming Club has over 500 games for players to enjoy. These games range from the typical slot machine or fruit machine to poker and Blackjack. You will find that there is pretty much a game out there that is available to anyone who is interested in playing and can be an ideal fit for anyone using the site themselves.

One of the other key features of the Gaming Club is that they are continually adding brand new games. You can find new games being added regularly to the site, enabling you to try new ones that fit the bill for you and truly have you coming back for more. From the very old and traditional types of games to the brand new ones that have great graphics and bonus features, it is easy to find games you’ll absolutely love without having to look very hard. You can also do a search on the site if you want to find a specific game that you are unable to find by searching through the categories and genres.

The Gaming Club Mobile App

Because of the fact that most people use their mobile devices while on the run, the Gaming Club realized that it needed a mobile app for players to use. This is how the mobile app on the Gaming Club was born and it is why millions of players are utilizing the app right now when they are trying to play their favorite games. The Gaming Club mobile app is just as secure as the actual site and has been a source of entertainment for those who have an account on the site or are brand new.

One of the best things about the Gaming Club mobile app is the fact that it offers all of the best games from the site, so you really will not miss a beat even if you are away from your computer at home. The mobile app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet as you see fit, and you can easily log into your Gaming Club account to begin racking up points, making money and having fun with the best casino games available on the net.

Why Use the Gaming Club Site?

While there are many other online casinos out there for players to use, the Gaming Club is definitely one of the top available in the world. The reason for this is because of the amount of features, bonuses and programs that they make available to their many players. You can play for free or for real money and you can join bonus sign-up programs and receive loyalty rewards the more that you play. Because of the immense features available on the site, it is no wonder that so many people choose the Gaming Club above anything else that might be out there.

The Overall Security of the Gaming Club

The Gaming Club has been around for more than two decades and in that time, one thing that they have gotten totally right would be the actual security for those using the site. The Gaming Club is one of the safest and most secure online casinos out there and will never breach the private information of their players. Whenever you put your personal information into the actual site, the only place it will ever be used will be on the site and possible mobile app that you choose to download.

Unlike many other sites out there, the Gaming Club takes security very seriously for its players. You will only be sharing your information with the Gaming Club site and it will never be sold or transferred to any other site on the Internet. When you use your financial and payment information on the site, it will only be used when you need or want it to be used to play games or receive payouts. This is another thing that sets the Gaming Club apart from so many of the other casino sites on the web.

24/7 Support on the Gaming Club

The Gaming Club staff is available all around the clock and can be a helpful resource for those who have questions, comments or even complaints or issues. If you have any problems when using the Gaming Club site, you will want to contact staff right away to see if they are able to fix it for you. They will also be able to help out those who are brand new to the site and may need help getting around, taking advantage of sign-on bonuses or making an account for themselves so that they can begin to play some of their all-time favorite games. The Gaming Club staff is there when you need them and their superior customer service is some of the best that you’ll find on gambling sites.

Because of the fact that the Gaming Club has been around for as long as it has and has the amount of players that are using the site and app, it is no wonder that so many people looking to get into the online gambling world are using this particular casino as their one-stop-shop for all games and slots. The Gaming Club casino is a great choice for anyone who wants to play games on the Internet or even from a mobile device, and this is why it might be a perfect option for you. The site is safe and secure while also being one of the top in the world with a multitude of available games. You can create your own account and choose to play for free or for real cash and prizes so that you know you are truly getting the most out of the entire experience.

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