mobileblackjackMobile Blackjack

Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular card games in the world and one of the oldest ones. It is the most played casino card game in most casinos around the globe. The history of Blackjack goes hundreds of years ago, although the rules and the side bets might have changed a bit, but the main concept and the main goal of the game always stayed the same. There are also many versions of the game that can be found at both, land based casinos or online casinos. Also, with the innovation available these days, players can enjoy blackjack whether for fun or for real cash through their mobiles. There are Mobile Blackjack apps that gives players the chance compete against other people online, whether friends or strangers, while others provides players with a single player experience against the offline virtual casino’s AI.

mobileblackjackappPlaying Blackjack on Mobile Casinos

Years ago, placing real money bets on Blackjack through mobiles was not possible but with the great breakthroughs in technology these days, the blackjack fans can finally do this. They can place real bets and earn great rewards on the go through their smart phones or tablets. This is because almost every well-known brand in the online gambling world has released a mobile casino app that players can download for free on their mobiles. Of course, since Blackjack is quite popular among casino players, it is one of the basic games that players can find being offered through the mobile casino app of any casino.

Players who want to enjoy a terrific mobile blackjack experience will have to stick with the big names in the industry. They will have to pick online casinos that are powered by big names such as Playtech and Microgaming. The list of the top mobile casinos that are powered by these software and gaming developers are Royal Vegas, Gaming Club, Jackpot City, Winner and Bet365 mobile casinos among others.

The Compatibility of Mobile Casinos that Offer Blackjack

Players no longer need to worry about the compatibility as almost every mobile casino app out there is designed to work perfectly fine on Androids, iOS devices, Windows Phones and Blackberries. Players can find the free casino apps at Google Play as well as the App Store. So whatever your mobile or smartphone’s operating system is, you will be able to enjoy a mobile blackjack experience through it.

Blackjack Free-To-Play Apps

Blackjack players who want to enjoy a worry free Mobile Blackjack experience without wagering real money will find plenty of mobile blackjack apps that can give them what they want. These apps let them enjoy blackjack on their mobiles and share their scores and their balance online to compete and challenge other players.

Some of these apps give players free chips whenever they run out of coins, this way, they can keep on playing for free without a worry in the world. Other apps are more competitive as they give players a starting bankroll that they will have to grow. If they lose their chips, they will have to buy virtual chips with real cash.

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Android Blackjack Apps

There are many mobile blackjack apps available for the Android users, here are some of the best ones:

blackjackliveBlackjack Live:

Blackjack Live is an Android app that is developed by AbZorba Games. This app gives players the chance to enjoy a Live Multiplayer blackjack experience. The game is presented in terrific visuals and realistic sound effects in order to create an immersive and a real gaming environment so players can enjoy the experience to the most.


vegas blackjackBlackjack Vegas:

This Android app gives players the chance to enjoy the Vegas Experience through their tablets or mobiles. The game is presented in real life 3D animations. Players will also find many ways through which they can earn chips to keep playing the app.


blackjacklegendsBlackjack Legends:

Blackjack Legends Android app is a great blackjack game that is absolutely free to play. Players will play their favorite card game as they accumulate as many chips as they can so they can challenge their friends online and show them who is the better Blackjack player.  Players will earn more experience and become of higher levels as they win more hands so they can have access to more prestigious blackjack tables. Players will also find many locations in which they can enjoy their game with more locations being added regularly.

blackjacktrainerBlackjack Trainer:

For those who are still trying to learn Blackjack or need a simple and an easy way to learn card counting, this Android app is the best one for them. This training app will show players the different techniques of card counting as well as teaching them the basics of the game.

iPhone Blackjack Apps

iPhone users will also find plenty of Blackjack apps that they can enjoy, these apps include:


5 in 1 Blackjack:

This app allows players to bring a game of authentic blackjack as well as more modern ones with them wherever they go, through their iOS powered device. This Blackjack mobile app does not only give players the chance to enjoy one game of blackjack, but 5 games. These 5 games are Regular blackjack, Blackjack Plus, Face up Blackjack, Count Blackjack and Perfect Pair Blackjack. Each version comes with its own side bets and special features. For example, Perfect Pair Blackjack comes with a side bet that players can activate before they start the game, they will win that bet if they get a pair in their initial blackjack hand.

21pro21 Pro – Blackjack:

21 Pro – Blackjack is an outstanding iPhone Blackjack app that gives players the chance to enjoy a prestigious blackjack experience through their mobiles. Players will enjoy an authentic and a realistic experience through the wonderful visuals and sound effects that the app offers.


blackjackfreeBlackjack Free:

Blackjack Free is an awesome blackjack free app that is free to download and free to play, as there is no real money involved. The app that provides players with an exciting and a highly rewarding experience.  It is developed and brought to players by MobilityWare. Players will have to work their way and earn chips and experience so they can unlock blackjack tables with high stakes. They will do that while enjoying a great game play that is presented in ultra realistic graphics that helps players get invested into the game for a one of a kind experience.

blackjackHow to Play Mobile Casino Blackjack

Whether you are enjoying blackjack on your mobile on a mobile casino or a simple free play app, the gaming procedure is usually the same. The game will start after players place their wanted bet. Players will usually find different chip sizes that they can choose from. Players can click on their touch screen to choose the size they want to use to place the bets then they will place it on the betting area.

After players are satisfied with their wager, they will click on “Deal” or “Play” or any other button that has the same meaning. The dealer will then deal the player two cards facing up while he will give himself one card facing up and a card facing down (it is called the hole card). Players will then see their hand total, this hand total is calculated according to the numbers on the cards.

As for the face cards, they count as tens and the Aces can count for 11 or 1. Players will then be asked to make a decision, they can choose to hit, which means that they want to be dealt another card, or they can choose to stand, which means they do not want more cards and that they are satisfied with their hand total. Players will keep hitting until they stand or until they “Bust” and go over 21.

After the players decide to stand, the dealer will show his hole card and will start doing the same, unlike players, the dealer will have to keep hitting until he gets a hand total that is equal or more than 17. The showdown will then take place and the hand that has a total that is closer to 21 will be the winning hand.

While players are enjoying their mobile blackjack gaming experience, they will come across different decisions, these decisions include:

Splitting: Players who get an initial Blackjack hand that has two identical cards will be able to split and form two hands and they will have to double their bet to place a new bet on the new hand. Some games do not allow unlike the value cards to be split and other games do not allow splitting Aces.

Double Down: Players can double down and place double the bet they placed when they get certain totals. They will be able to get one more card only after doubling down.

Insurance: If the card that is facing up is revealed to be a ten-value card, players can place insurance, which is a side bet that they will win if the dealer has an Ace as the hole card and forms a Blackjack hand.